“The Elephant Master; he knows and love pachyderms. Vika, who is short and tubby, walks with crutches, wrestles spring stone, cobalt and kwekwe stone to submit to his will in the creation of elephant families that pulsate with life.”

Vika Ngwenya was was born in 1957 into a family of six in Tsholotsho Matabeleland, South Province of Zimbabwe. He was educated in Victoria Falls and while still at school, fell in love with art and he was good at it! He was inspired by his uncle Andrew Mawema who worked as an artist and taught Vika how to sculpt. “Sculpting got into my heart and veins that time and gave me hope in life to the extent of earning a good living through it. I became a very good artist and attracted a lot of buyers both locally and internationally.” Vika is now a happily married man with four children.