“The dynamism and movement of Peter’s dancing girls pulsate with an inner life that please from every aspect.”

The Chikumbirike family is internationally renowned as Shona master sculptors. Peter was born on the 12th of July 1958, and grew up in a family of 18 children; ten boys and eight girls him being the fifth son.  Peter never attended any formal art institution: his ability with stone comes from experience, determination and positive inspiration, all together assisted with a God given talent. Peter carved in hard stones such as Verdite, Cobalt Stone, Butter Jade and Spring Stone.

Peter began carving wood as a hobby at a very young age with his brothers, Moses, Canaan and Israel. After finishing his academic education in 1976 Peter set off to the capital Salisbury, present day Harare, in search of success. Here he joined his brothers Moses, Israel and Canaan who were already full time sculptors by then. In 1980 the brothers staged their first national exhibition, sold all their exhibited works and established international connections that proved to be of great importance in the future. In present day Peter, has exhibited his works in galleries all over the world, in the U.S.A he was commissioned to do a sculpture of a gorilla which was placed in the Lincoln Zoo, Nebraska, officially opened by the president of the U.S.A during that time. He has works on permanent collections displayed in museums in Italy, Senegal, and one in the Black Holocaust museum in Curacao which was a direct commissioned work.