“Chimpanzees, meercats and gorillas are Kennedy’s forte. His skills were handed down by his father Lamek Zano, who was one of the leading first generation artists.”

Kennedy was born On February 27th, 1973, in Rusape, Zimbabwe. The son of one of the originators of the Fine Arts movement, Lameck  Zano, Kennedy has been carving for over twenty years, since he was a teenager.

Monkeys, baboons, chimps and the occasional elephant are his main subjects. Like most of Lameck’s students, Kennedy is a master of a number of animals, including pangolins, meerkats, monkeys and baboons.

He works in the stones – Verdite, Lemon Opal, Kwekwe Fruit Serpentine, Spring Stone and Cobalt Stone, enjoying the challenges each stone offers. He has been carving Bonobos (also called Pygmy Chimpanzees) as a project for a large Primate Center Des Moines, Iowa. Bonobos are a completely different species from Chimpanzees and have longer legs, smaller ears and higher foreheads. Kennedy captures the subtle differences in anatomy perfectly.

My wife and I, after trekking to see Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Uganda and Rwanda, provided Kennedy with dozens of photos of both species along with books and videos. He now has become the master of capturing the power, glory and personality of the endangered animals.

The detailed portrayals present the exact anatomy, proportions and behavior lovingly frozen in hard Springstone.  Kennedy enjoys life to the fullest, always willing to experiment with new challenges and explorations.  He epitomizes the Shona personality; willing to please, concern for others with his Christian faith at the core of his life.