“A charming man who intimately knows the anatomy, proportion and behavior of Kudus, leopards, warthogs and many other animals. Perhaps the best animal sculptor in Zimbabwe.”

Jadai has been carving for over twenty years. He is a small, compact man with a shy smile and a charming, humble manner. Without doubt, Jadai is one of the top five animal Fine Artists in Zimbabwe. No one even comes close to his ability in sculpting kudus and kudu groups. The large antelopes, the second largest in Africa, are rendered with a loving attention to detail. Muscles bulge, veins stand out, and the rhythm and the moment are captured forever. Jadai enjoys the adventure of carving the hardest stones; the challenge of Verdite, with all its impurities; wrestling with multicoloured Fruit Serpentine from Kwekwe; and the insanely hard Leopard Stone from the Nyanga District of the Eastern Highlands.

Apart from his fame and expertise as a kudu carver, he also sculpts lions and leopards and families of both Big Cats. During his career, he has also turned his hand to creating a menagerie of other animals; warthogs, elephants, eland and even North American Brown Bears! He juggles the variables of anatomy, proportion and behavior in his compositions with a breathtaking mastery and an attention to detail that reveals his own fascination and intense study of the animals that he creates.

Another major attribute of Jadai’s personality is tremendous tenacity. The stones, because of their shape, impurities and flaws play a major role in dictating the composition, Every Master Shona Fine Artist must be flexible with regard to his composition, because of the impositions of the stone. They must change and adapt, none more so than to create a Kudu family. Jadai did battle with the stone and changed, adapted and struggled with the material. What came out the other end, after almost six months, was a pride of lions! An ultimate example of creative tenacity.