“Lyrical and sinuous abstract forms in beautifully textured cobalt stone, his works are meditations on flora and growth.”

Itayi was born in 1975 in Rusape, Zimbabawe.  He was taught to carve by his father, Richard, who also taught his two brothers, Richard (Jnr) and Onias. After over twenty years at his craft, Itayi has mastered a lyrical style of abstraction that takes, as its genesis, the exquisite forms of nature and the growth of plants. His compositions in hard spring stone and cobalt stone have rhythms and sinuous leaf-like shapes, evolving into spirals and rounded forms, that capture the essence of living flora. They pulsate with life in almost meditative compositions; every square inch of the surfaces is lovingly and expertly polished to bring out the colors and patterns contained within the stone. There’s grandeur and totemic quality to Itayi’s sculptures . . . . they all seem visually larger than they actually are.  A wonderful visual anomaly that enhances the experience of seeing and living with a sculpture by Itayi Mupuma.

Further, his pieces fit in to many different home decors, from ultra-modern to traditional spaces. And remember that this work can last forever . . . an African celebration of Mother Nature in all her glory.