“Ben has the biggest, happiest smile of anyone I know, anywhere. He joyfully creates small works in hard springstone and verdite, especially mothers and child, that exude charm and love in their simplified rendering.”

Benjamin was born in Muhrewa in 1970 and started sculpting in 1996. He was influenced by his younger brother, the renowned Royal Katiyo, who is famous mostly for his birds. Benjamin started sculpting at the Gavazi Art Centre in Mvurwi and hasn’t looked back since. Katiyo’s preferred stones to work in are springstone and verdite. He gives these materials life by using different textures and polishing techniques. He is acknowledged for his ability to express human emotions – desperation, sadness, joy, togetherness and grief.
He has exhibited in the UK, USA, Germany and France. In Zimbabwe is has exhibited with a Harare Group at the Mobile Heritage at the National Art Gallery gaining an award of merit.
Exhibitions: 1998 Zimbabwe Heritage Biennale National Gallery 2000 EXPO Hanover, Germany 2001 Custom and Legend – A Culture in Stone, Missouri Botanic Gardens, USA 2002 Boyce Thomson Arbondum, Phoenix, USA 2003 Chicago Botanic Gardens and Garfield Park, USA 2004 Denver Botanic Gardens, Colorado, USA 2005 Frankline Conservatory, Central Park, Ohio, USA 2006 Missouri Botanic Gardens, St Louis, Missouri, USA 2008 Kansas Botanic Gardens, Kansas, USA
Benjamin Katiyo