When we began this project with the Fine Artists of Zimbabwe in 1999, it was because we were amazed and filled with admiration with their abilities, craftsmanship and knowledge that their work manifested. The vast majority of Shona Sculpture is abstract or simplified forms in soft Soap Stone and Rappko Stone.   We toured many workshops to find the very best Fine Artists and selected about twenty that are the true masters. When we saw the extensive understanding of anatomy, proportion and behavior rendered in the very hard and challenging stones of Zimbabwe to exquisite quality, we were deeply impressed. Whether it was heads, full length figures or animals, Individually or in groups, the attention to detail and realism of the works in the difficult unforgiving medium of stone, we have been able to find Sculpture that truly comes alive. We have worked with many of our artists since the first couple of years of our endeavor and we are very proud of them.